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2021-12-23 04:23:50 By : Mr. lei haibiao

Ideal Industries has built on the success of its In-Sure Push-In, Lever and SpliceLine Connectors with the launch of its innovative Gen II Lever Connector.

Developed to enable even faster, easier and more consistent wire terminations up to 32 Amp, for any installation, including radial and final ring circuits, the new IDEAL Industries Gen II Lever Wire Connector range is suitable for joining solid, stranded or flexible connectors. Available in two-, three- or five-port models, the connectors are re-useable and allow the use of multiple wires of different sizes and types within the same lever connector. Cables can be secured in place in seconds, with no screwdriver or crimping required using a simple strip, push, connect action.

All Gen II models can be used with solid or rigid stranded cables of between 0.2mm2 and 4.0mm2, while suitable for use with any flexible cable from 0.14mm2 to 4.00mm2. Each connector features a built-in wire strip guide to enable installers to check the correct stripping length and, for solid and stranded cables, once the wire has been stripped, it can simply be pushed in with no need to lift the lever. For flexible wires, meanwhile, the lever is lifted before inserting the conductor and clamping it into place.

All the IDEAL Industries Gen II Lever Wire Connectors in the new range have a clear casing to enable easy inspection and there is a check port for testing, enabling full safety and consistency verification at the point of installation. The compact design enables easier fitting in junction boxes and enclosures, which is particularly useful in lighting and access control installations, where multiple conductors often need to come together in a tight space.

IDEAL Industries has created a range of pack sizes for the new Gen II Lever Wire Connectors range, including boxes, bags and kits, to provide plenty of choice for electricians. Amongst the kits is a new Twin & Earth Kit, which includes a stripper, cutter and 20 each of the 32A-rated two- and three-port Push-In and Gen II Lever wire connectors, along with a 20-piece bag of assorted 32A connectors, including the popular SpliceLine and three-port Push-In Connectors, along with the new two- and three-port Gen II Lever Wire Connectors.

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