Front display of Tn LCD panel with FPC connector

Spec: Size: Length*width*highth(45*15*13)Display type: Tn displayLCD operationg voltage: 5.0V? (3V-5V. >2.8V is ok)Operating temp: -20-70cStorger temp: -30-80cDrive mode: 1/4duty, 1/3biasViewing direction: 6h(bottom viewing)---(12h, 6h, 3h, 9h&rp

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Size: Length*width*highth(45*15*13)

Display type: Tn display

LCD operationg voltage: 5.0V? (3V-5V. >2.8V is ok)

Operating temp: -20-70c

Storger temp: -30-80c

Drive mode: 1/4duty, 1/3bias

Viewing direction: 6h(bottom viewing)---(12h, 6h, 3h, 9h)

Polarizer type: Front: Transmissive,
Back: Transmissive

Connector: FPC
Backlihgt: White with two light, /blue bl (customer design)
Description:     Customize:     Application:    
Module           Module Size A X B:      mmX           mmX      mm  
Specifica-           Holder Size C X D:   mmX      mm  
tion           Bezel Size E X F:   mmX      mm  
            View Area G X H:   mmX      mm  
            Disp.Area I X J:   mmX      mm  
            High H1:     mm High H2:   mm
Type Character   Ch.Type:  CHs X  Lines     Ch.Size:   mmX       mm                    mmX          mm       Ch.Pitch:  X   mm  
  Graphic      Columns X Lines:  X       Dot Size:   mmX       mm        mmX         mm      
  Segment      Digits X Lines:  X        Segment Size:        mmX          mm          
LCD View   6:00 12:00              
  Mode   TN Positive    Negative      Color Positive     Color Negative       
      FSTN B/W                     
      STN Y/G         GRAY          BLUE                
  Polarizer    Reflective      Transflective        Transmissive                                                  
  Drive Mode DUTY:      /   BIAS:      /                    
  Connector   PIN      Heat Seal   Rubber       TCP         COG                    
Power Voltage   LOGIC(Vdd-Vss)   5.0V              3.3V                V                                 
Supply     LCD(Vdd-Vee)                  V                                                              
  Current   LOGIC(Idd)       mA(TYP.)       mA(MAX.)  
      LCD(ILcd)     mA(TYP.)       mA(MAX.)  
Negative With   0                
Power Wiothout                    
Reliabili- Operating                      
ty Storage                         
Bezel With   Metal Black    Silver                                                                        
  Wiothout   Plastic White                                                                                  
Backlight With   Color LCD Vol.:  V Current:              mA() mA(TYP.)   mA(MAX.)  
  Wiothout   Y/G EL              
Driver Name                    
  Package   Package         Chip           TAB           COG                          
  CGrom   English        Japanese       Chinese               

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